Wednesday, April 4, 2007

If The Shoe Fits

Here's a random bunch of stuff that just popped up today. A few covers, but cool ones. A few midwestern rock classics, and a few newer tunes that someday will be considered classic. Enjoy.

Oh, and Shel Silverstein!

Just follow the links and click on "Download This File"

Big Brother & The Holding Company - Summertime

Bob Dylan - You Changed My Life

Moxy - Sail On Sail Away

Moe. - Okayalright

Heartsfield - Racin' The Sun

Sheryl Crow - Keep On Growing

Shel Silverstein - The Smoke Off

Neil Young - Quit (Don't Say You Love Me)

Jimmy Castor Bunch - Bertha Butt Boogie

Stillwater - Mindbender

Joe Goldmark - Peaches en Regalia

If you like what you hear please research the aritst and buy their music, it will sound so much better than this condensed mp3 crap and they deserve it anyway! If anyone has any problems about me sharing this music please let me know and I will happily stop.

Thanks for listening, comments are welcome.

1 comment:

whiteray said...

Great stuff, especially the Sheryl Crow -- was unaware of that one, mostly because I didn't watch "Boys On The Side" on cable when the Texas Gal did.