Tuesday, May 1, 2007

If You Get Confused, Listen To The Music Play!

Today's selections are all instrumentals for the most part, with some very odd, complex musical changes from a wide variety of musicians. Try them all out and see how you like them.


Just follow the links and click on "Download This File"

Tomita - Arabesque No. 1

Deodato - Also Sprach Zarathurstra

Head - Cannibus Sativa

Diga Rhythm Band - Sweet Sixteen

Steve Vai - Fire Garden Suite

Funkadelic - Maggot Brain

Pink Floyd - Unknown Song

John Berberian & Rock East Ensemble - The Oud & The Fuzz

Second Sight - Rosetta Rock

Focus - Harem Scarem

If you like what you hear please research the aritst and buy their music, it will sound so much better than this condensed mp3 crap and they deserve it anyway! If anyone has any problems about me sharing this music please let me know and I will happily stop.

Thanks for listening, comments are appreciated.

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