Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Shoot him in the bottom just to listen to him yell

Hi guys, I'm still here. Still lazy. Here are some random numbers that popped up on my iTunes today...With little brief intro's. Maybe I'll start doing this more often.


Just follow the links and click on "Download This File"

Stephen Stills - Go Back Home
This one features a fantastic jam with Eric Clapton. Possibly Stills best guitar licks on wax?

Allman Brothers Band - Nancy
This one is really More Dickey Betts than the Allmans. An unreleased track featured on their box set Dreams.

Stray Dog - Rocky Mountain Suite (Bad Road)
Don't know much about these guys except I know they were big in Arkansas at one time.

Status Quo - Getting Better
From the soundtrack of the movie "All This & World War II"

Jimmy Buffett - Peanut Butter Conspiracy
A tale of Jimmy's youthful shenanigans

Painter - Goin' Down The Road
A great Canadian band that didn't make much headway on the airways.

Chris Smither - Friend of The Devil
Possibly the earliest version of a Grateful Dead cover song recorded?

Road - I'm Going Down To The Country
Noel Redding's band after Hendrix passed. Noel died a poor man.

Mike Auldridge - Killing Me Softly
Master of the dobro.

Van Morrison - Sitting On Top Of The World
From his recent release Greatest Hit's Volume 3.

Gary Wright - Two Faced Man
Classic tune featuring George Harrison on slide guitar.

Dwight Twilley Band - I'm On Fire
This one reached #16 on the charts in 1975. ( I had to look that up)

Mick Jagger - Just Another Night
One from Sir Mick from one of his solo albums from the 80's. I hated it then, I can tolerate it now.

If you like what you hear please research the aritst and buy their music, it will sound so much better than this condensed mp3 crap and they deserve it anyway! If anyone has any problems about me sharing this music please let me know and I will happily stop.

Thanks for listening, comments are appreciated.
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