Saturday, March 31, 2007

Dust off those rusty strings just one more time!

Today I leave you with some of my favorites that have been popping up on my iTunes shuffle lately.

Just follow the links and click on "Download This File"

Lets get the show on the road!!!

Seatrain - Thirteen Questions

Steely Dan - Dallas (rare single)

Head Hands & Feet - Song & Dance

Headstone - Turn Your Head

Fantasy - Stoned Cowboy

North Mississippi All Stars - Casey Jones

Ween - Piss Up A Rope

Ellis - El Doomo

That's it for today. I hope you all like what I offered up. You should be able to find at least something that you find interesting here. I have over 7000 tunes in my collection to choose from so keep your eye on this blog, something is bound to come up that you are looking for.

If you like what you hear please research the aritst and buy their music, it will sound so much better than this condensed mp3 crap and they deserve it anyway!

Thanks for listening, comments are welcome.

1 comment:

Buddy said...

Love that Casey Jones by NMAS!

Thanks for suggestions!